iOS 7, Omni Group Interview, O’Reilly’s Mistakes, and more in our Reader Weekly

Though we finally got to see the iPhone 5C and 5S this week, they weren’t the biggest story. If you’re looking for a good tear down of both phones, check out this video. The biggest story was the release of iOS 7, we got an early warning from Apple as they updated their apps ahead of the actual launch. If you’re one of the people completely confused about Apple’s changes, we can help you out with a tutorial. Even the Apple TV got a little update love, with its firmware updated to version 6.0. In a surprising policy shift, Apple is helping people on old iOS devices get a copy of an app still compatible with their device, by allowing them to download the “last compatible version” from the App Store. With all these release Apple PR was in full force as the Apple executive trio, which sounds like a 60’s jazz trio, gave an exclusive interview to Bussiness Week.

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John Moltz at Macworld reviews Elementary OS, a Linux distro that aims to please Mac users. If you thought Samsung had their copy machines on…

Dan Goodin at Ars Technica covers Hidden Lynx, a truly talented and frightening Hacker Group. The article has some details how they compromised a file signing system to take control of a digital security firm.

Jon Brodkin at Ars Technica covers Gabe Newell’s speech at Linuxcon, where the Valve chief lays out the case that Linux was the future of gaming.

Tim O’Reilly details the six mistakes he made when founding the legendary Tech Publishing company.

  • The iPad and Professional Journalists

Nathan Snelgrove at Appstorm details some interesting workflows for the iPad in Journalism.

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