iOS 7 Introduces Brand New Safari

Apple introduced the much-anticipated iOS 7 today and with it a newly-designed Safari app.  Though the app icon itself leaves much to be desired, the new features that it brings are pretty neat.

Safari in iOS 7 brings these new features:

  • Full-screen interface
  • Smart search field
  • Favorites
  • New tab view
  • Parental control
  • iCloud Keychain

With the new full-screen interface, when you’re browsing the web the controls will recede so you can enjoy a more full-screen view of what you’re browsing.  New swipe features makes it easier for back and forth browsing through history.  There is one tap access to favorites so you can find the sites you like best with just one tap.

Safari’s new smart search field will provide the top URL hit as well as offering Google suggestions as you’re typing in your search.  At the bottom of the Safari screen, you’ll see your Bookmarks control and you’ll also see Shared Links so you can see the stories and articles that are shared by people you follow on social networks like Twitter.

iOS 7 also introduces a brand new tab view in Safari which looks really great.  You can scroll through your tabs in a great new interface.  All your iCloud tabs are also available at the bottom so you can see what you’ve left open on other devices.  To access a tab, just tap it and tap and hold to reorder them.  When you’re done with a tab you can just swipe.  Safari tabs are also no longer limited to just eight tabs.

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.