iOS 6.1 Bug Lets You Skip Your iPhone’s Lock Screen And Here’s How

iOS 6.1 has had a pretty rough time since its release, including connection issues, battery problems and now it turns out that it’s not very secure. A security flaw discovered in iOS 6.1 lets you bypass the lock screen of your iPhone, or anyone else’s iPhone for that matter.

By following a few quick steps you can easily get into any iPhone without knowing the password and have limited access to the Phone app, Photos, Email, Messages and FaceTime. For this trick to work you have to get the timing of it right. Here’s what you need to do:

  • From the lock screen, load the emergency dial screen
  • Press and hold the power button and then hit cancel
  • Make a fake emergency call (you can dial 112 like in the video)
  • Hang up immediately
  • Hit the power button to put the phone back in standby
  • Hit the home button to bring up the lock screen
  • Hold down the power button and at the three-second mark then hit the Emergency Call button
  • Keep holding the power button until the Phone App comes up
  • Hit the home button and let go as if you were taking a screen shot

You have to get the timing just right for this to actually work. You can watch how it’s done in the video above.

A similar security flaw was seen in iOS 4.1. Apple hasn’t said when a fix will be put out for this flaw, but it probably won’t be too long.

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.