With iOS 5, iTunes Sync will no longer take over the device

With iOS 5, Apple will introduce over the air sync to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. That means that you won’t need to connect your device to your computer anymore to sync with iTunes. Instead, a simple connection to a power source initiates the syncing process (if the iOS device and the corresponding iTunes are connected to the same wireless network).

Another new feature that affects the syncing process is the ability to use your device while it’s syncing, without having to cancel the syncing process, as our colleagues at the iPhone Download Blog found out.

Up until now (and, for those of us who don’t run the new beta on our devices already, until the official release of iOS 5 this fall), you had to wait until the syncing process was finished to use your device again. This new feature will allow us to finally sync our data and use our phones and iPads at the same time.

Article and Photo Via Razorianfly

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