Introducing Shareables, a new way to share URLs in Mobile Safari

Second Gear has just released a new app on the App Store that gives you an easy way to share URLs. Grappling with long URLs, cutting and pasting them on mobile platforms, losing links in Facebook feeds – all of these frustrations are eliminated when you use Shareables. Shareables installs a bookmarklet in Mobile Safari. Whenever you have a URL to share, just tap the bookmark icon, then select the “Share With Shareables” option.

You’ll then launch another page that will let you share the link via email, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as  create short URLs.

If you’ve ever tried sending someone a URL from Mobile Safari, you know just how tedious it can be.  Shareables solves the problem in the most eloquent way possible, directly from the bookmarks bar

Shareable is a free application, created by Justin Williams over at Second Gear.  If you haven’t heard of Second Gear yet, you’re going to also want to check out MarkdownMail and  Elements. They’re both fantastic applications.

Here’s a video of the application in action.

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