Instagram update brings new tiltshift mode and great improvements

Instagram, probably one of the most successful photo apps of all time, just got updated to version 1.6.5. Besides some bug fixes, users get  new features, great performance, and picture quality improvements.

With this update the app’s tiltshift feature finally comes with a radial mode. That means users can now highlight the part of the photo they want to focus in on by putting a circle around it, and blurring everything outside that circle. This is great for photos of people’s faces or generally more round objects. But wait, there’s more!

With the addition of the radial mode to the tiltshif feature, the developers also improved the slider that controls the intensity of blurriness applied to the photo. The slider now doesn’t just let you define how much out of focus those parts of the photo are, but it changes the width of the transition area. This makes the transition from sharp to blurry smoother and more natural. If you want to go for an extreme difference, you can still just make this transition area really tiny and everything outside your selected area will be totally blurred out.

This new update of Instagram also brings huge speed improvements. The overall speed of the app has been highly increased, which you will notice right away. The app loads much faster and doesn’t need you to wait for your stream to be loaded so you can take a photo anymore. Applying an effect and uploading the final image are much faster as well.

Overall a great update of a great app.

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