Instagram introduces ‘liked’ photo archives

Instagram has heralded a new age of instant gratification in photography. No longer is it about recording your surroundings, events or artistic expression — shooting with an iPhone is all about social sharing. The amount of camera apps on the App Store proves this.

People are happy to take an underwhelming shot and following some filter magic, share the often impressive results. No one’s arguing that it’ll replace traditional photography, but for introducing more people to the art, it’s a welcome addition.

No app does socialtography better than Instagram, but it’s not about the photos per se. Rather its nifty photo feed and the ability to follow friends through the usual social networks means it’s about photographic discovery. Furthermore, since the release of its API, a whole host of third party apps are beginning to crop up on the App Store.

Keen to capitalise on this, Instagram’s developers have rolled out an update that allows you to sift through your liked photos. The real-time stream still remains, but now you’re able to find past photos easier.

Finally the update brings the ability to store profile photos directly on your iPhone.

Article Via Gizmodo

Photo Credit: Marco Fiori

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