Instagram and Hipstamatic are teaming up

Most iPhone users know about Instagram, arguably one of the top photo-sharing services and fastest-growing social networks, breaking the 27 million user mark last week. With an Android app in the works, that user count is expected to skyrocket even higher in the coming months. However, one of my (and other’s) biggest gripes is the lack of ability to push photos into Instagram. Instead, you have to snap a photo, save it to your camera roll, then import it via Instagram.

That’s no longer the case. Hipstamatic, an app that’s all about analog and toy camera modeling, will be announcing a partnership with Instagram, according to Fast Company. Users will be able to upload photos taken from Hipstamatic straight into their Instagram feed, with a “Taken with Hipstamatic” attribution tag below their comment.

I’ve dabbled with Hipstamatic before, and it’s a slick app, but most of my photos have been taken with Camera+. This partnership, however, will undoubtably boost sales and use of Hipstamatic. The real question now is, will Instagram open this sharing feature to other apps, or will they keep this exclusive?

Only time will tell.

Source and Images: Fast Company


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