Instagram 3.0 Released, Photomaps And A New Look

Instagram 3.0 – Photo Maps Walkthrough from Instagram on Vimeo.

Today, Instagram has pushed out a new update to their popular photo sharing application. This update brings a plethora of user interface improvements as well as a new feature under the name ‘Photomaps’. This update should be available for all iOS and Android users today. Below, I’ve written an in-depth overview of the changes included in this update.

Let’s start with the UI changes. The Instagram team has updated both the upload and user profile screens to offer a totally new and revamped interface. Both look extremely modern and offer more information. When uploading a photo, you now have the option to add the photo to your Photomap. I’ll go over this feature in the next paragraph. While the user profile screen offers almost the same amount of information, it features a sexier user interface, which makes the information easier to take in.

Now for Photomaps. Photomaps allows you to pin your Instagram photos to a giant map so you can view where you’ve been. However, before making your Photomap public, you will be prompted to approve pictures that will be shown on the map. Once your Photomap is available for viewing, you can remove and add photos whenever you like. Other users will be able to view your Photomap from your Instagram profile.

Instagram has also made other minor improvements to the application, such as speed improvements, comment reporting and infinite scrolling. Infinite scrolling is good for the times when you want to sit back and aimlessly view photos in your Instagram timeline without having to press the “Load more..” button every thirty seconds.

Overall, I think this Instagram update brings a ton of awesome features, which I’ll be using on a daily basis. In the comments, let us know what you think of the Instagram 3.0 update. If, for some reason, you don’t already have Instagram installed on your iOS device, click the link below to download it.

Source: Instagram Blog

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