Instacast 2.0 For The iPhone Available

This morning a major update to Vemedio’s podcatcher Instacast has gone live on the App Store.

Instacast, a Macgasm favourite (check out our interview with Martin Hering, Instacast’s creator), is probably the single best iOS application to discover, download, organize, and most importantly, enjoy the podcasts you love. The developers have been hard at work and made many changes, not the least of which are a completely revamped user interface and a pro version, available via an in-app-purchase.

The nice people of Vemedio have also lowered the price from $ 2.99 to $ 0.99. The application was a steal before, but this new price is almost shamefully low. If you haven’t downloaded it so far, now’s the best time and don’t forget to subscribe to Macgasm TV once you’ve bought it.

Below you’ll find the list of changes straight from the horse’s mouth:

+ Revamped and improved user interface
+ Episode archiving
+ Improved Podcast Player with:
+ Sleep Timer
+ Continuous Playback backward and forward
+ List of episode links
+ Sharing of playback position via email and Twitter
+ Chapter Navigation
+ Improved podcast Auto-Download management
+ Download Manager with:
+ Pause and cancel downloads
+ Reorder downloads to set priority
+ Improved podcast feed parser with:
+ Support for Atom feeds
+ Support for MP3 chapter markers
+ Support for Multi-Format Podcasts
+ Support for Episode Deep Linking
+ VoiceOver support
+ Data Export

WITH INSTACAST PRO as In-app Purchase:
+ Playlists and Smart Playlists
+ Bookmarks with Import/Export
+ Settings for individual Podcasts
+ Push Notification for new episodes

Source: Vemedio blog

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