Infinity Blade on sale for a limited time

Infinity Blade 50% off

Infinity Blade, the Unreal engine game from Chair Entertainment and Epic Megagames, is now on sale for a modest $2.99 (roughly half of its usual price). This combat game pits the player against a series of  hand-to-hand opponents in a medieval fantasy setting, employing swords and magic to vanquish foes with swipes and taps. Infinity Blade is better known, however, for its stellar graphics and lush visuals that showcase the power of iOS as a game system that can potentially compete with modern consoles. Since its release, it’s received content updates and even a graphics boost for the increased power of the iPad 2. Epic promised that many more Unreal games for iOS would follow, but none have made the critical or public impact of this one.

There’s no word on how long the sale will last, so if you’ve been biding your time, this may be your window of opportunity to save three bucks, which you can use to pay off 55% of your next venti latte from Starbucks.

Source: TiPb

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