In which Zynga buys OMGPOP, and I immediately uninstall Draw Something

If you’re the type who likes exclaiming OMFG in your text messages, get ready for a big one: OMGPOP was just purchased by Zynga for a cool $200 million dollars, like we reported days ago.

According to All Things D:

It’s a done deal, according to people with firsthand knowledge. Here’s more detail on the price: $180 million, plus another $30 million or so in employee-retention payments, I’m told. Don’t know about cash/stock split.

OMGPOP, the company responsible for the overnight smash hit Draw Something, did the right thing and took the money. God knows that if they didn’t, Zynga would have just stolen the concept and released an app called Sketch Something next week.

Also, how much money does Zynga actually have? Is stealing independent game concepts and republishing them that profitable? I mean, $200 million for a company whose game has been popular for a week? That borders on lunacy, but I digress.

All that being said, we’re happy for OMGPOP. Huge congrats on being acquired, but unfortunately, I’ve uninstalled your game already. Why? Because Fu*k Zynga, that’s why. I’m not a fan of companies that blatantly rip off the competition to make a buck, and I’m certainly not a fan of their shady business practices.


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