iMovie won’t work on iPad and can’t export to Mac

Last week’s WWDC10  keynote introduced the new iPhone along with the iMovie app from Apple. iMovie with iOS4 looks great, but there are a few limitations we are hearing about. We know it will only work on the 4.0 iPhone because there just isn’t enough processing power on the lower spec devices, and the iPad won’t be able to use it either. (I’m guessing they will bring an iPad specific one out later.)

We are also hearing that as the app stands, you won’t be able to export projects to iMovie on the Mac. This would have been useful for when you get fed up of the small screen or even to tweak your amazing films using the desktop version.

What we are hearing though is that basically iMovie will exist as its stand-alone editor for the iPhone, so you can quickly edit your movies on the fly. If you want to edit in iMovie for Mac, then you will have to start over. This may be something we see in an update, but after thinking about it, I’m not sure it’s such a problem.

Looking at the description from the Apple site about this app:

First, export the project in one of three sizes: Medium (640 by 360), Large (960 by 540), or HD (1280 by 720). Then choose how you’d like to share it: in an email or MMS message, in a MobileMe gallery, or on YouTube. No matter how you share it, your finished movie remains on your iPhone, ready to copy to your computer the next time you sync.

So, after you film your movie with the camera on the iPhone, and then edit it, you can MMS it or email it to your friends and family. I would assume that this would be the main function of the app — quick, small edits instead of meticulous editing on a grand scale. Also, if you send it to yourself, you could just open it in any movie editor as usual as a video file so you could get around it that way.

I don’t personally see this as much of a hinderance for my usage, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Looking at the impressive feature set Apple lists, “creates movies complete with themes, transitions, titles, and other features that go beyond just trimming individual clips,” I think they will be giving us a first version that has a lot of features that will make the majority of users happy.

Will you be getting iMovie for the new iPhone? Have you been dying for a real movie editor for the iPhone? Comment on this post to let us know your thoughts.

iMovie for iPhone is due to be released on the 24th of June for $4.99 USD.

Article via CultofMac

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