Look like an idiot this Halloween with Angry Birds costumes

Oh. My. God. There are many ridiculous things in the world, but I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like the above before. Yes, 350 million gamers have downloaded Angry Birds, but c’mon? Are there really people in the world who want to buy Angry Birds costumes?

Halloween has long been known as an idiot’s paradise and this is testament to the lengths people will go to to break the mould. Plushies and t-shirts have populated stores around the world for a while now, but full size outfits? I’ve always wanted to stick my baby in Pig King fancy dress, haven’t you?

Of course you haven’t, but there’s obviously a market out there for this tripe. There’s no news yet whether Rovio Mobile is officially endorsing these, but if it is, it’s really has pushed the boat out on this one.

And at $30 – $50 a pop, you’ve probably got more money than sense. I truly am speechless.

Via: TouchArcade
Source: MacTrast

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