iControlpad gives you that sweet, sweet taste of classic handheld gaming

In case you find your iPhone or iPod to be a little too modern and slick, you are going to love the iControlpad from ThinkGeek; the handy doodad that not only brings more “classic” gaming controls to iOS, but classic gaming as well.

The iControlpad connects wirelessly to your iOS device with the magic of Bluetooth and gives you two “nubs”, a D-pad on the left and four buttons on the right. As you can see from the photo, it’s ideal for iPhones and iPods, but can work with any bluetooth-enabled device (even your iPad or Android doohickey if that’s your thing). And what will you control with this miracle of modern technology? The iTunes App Store sells various games with what’s called “iCade” mode, which work flawlessly with the iControlpad. If you are the sort to jailbreak your iPhone, even more games can be acquired through emulation… so the sky really is the limit.

The iControlpad has upgradeable firmware so that new features can be added in the future, but it already comes with ┬áthe iControlpad itself, rubber sides, a universal holder-thingie with something they call a “push rivet” (we’ll assume that’s a good thing) and foam pads, a USB cable and a manual.

So the next time some Nintendo DS-toting dweeb gets all up in your grill, put him in his place with the iControlpad.

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