How To: Get The iOS 6 Photo Sharing Menu On iOS 5

iOS has a lot of new features, but since iOS 6 beta was only released for developers to test their applications, not everyone is able to access the cool new features that it comes with until it is officially released. One of these is the new sharing interface from the Photos app, and thanks to iOS developer NobitaZZZ, there is a free new jailbreak tweak through Cydia called iOS 6 Photos Menu that allows you to get a similar iOS 6 beta-like Photos sharing interface.

It closely mirrors the actual iOS 6 interface, but there are some differences. One difference is that it’s missing a Photo Stream button. It also has a Google+ option, which iOS 6 does not actually have. It has all the same buttons that iOS 5 has but includes 3 new ones: Copy, Facebook, and Google+.

The Facebook integration on this jailbreak tweak isn’t the same as on the iOS 6 but it does have shortcuts that are similar to the real iOS 6. When choosing the Facebook sharing option, a prompt will ask you to enter a message along with the picture.

For those of you who are anxious for iOS 6 to come out, this download may be just what you need. It gives you more options than the iOS 5 photo sharing menu did, it looks great with a fresh new interface that shows the option icons, and it’s free!!

Source and Image Credit: ModMyi 

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