Horizon Automagically Kills Portrait iPhone Videos At The Source

Tired of video being recorded in portrait mode by iPhone users in your family? It’s right at the top of my first world problems list. Horizon ($0.99), a new app that just hit the market, forces landscape video recording no matter what orientation your phone is in when you hit the record button.

Horizon uses the gyroscope in your phone to reorient the camera on the fly while you’re recording. You could easily go from one position to the next while recording and the application will continue to record in landscape mode.

It’s a great idea, and great solution for those of out who like to get into awkward positions while recording. Just hit record and let the app do its thing.

I’ve been hoping Apple would do something like this for a while. In 2013, there’s really no reason why people should mistakenly be recording in portrait orientations. Considering how the majority of people naturally hold their phones while grabbing some video footage, I’m actually surprised it has taken this long for a solution to hit the market.

Horizon beat Apple to the punch.

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