Hone For iPhone 4S/iPad 3 Finds Lost Keys In A Hurry

“Where are my keys!?” Everyone has had or will have this problem at some point in their lives. This age-old question may now have an easier, faster answer with the Hone Bluetooth keychain and app for the iPhone 4S and iPad 3. Available on KickStarter, this easy-to-use device will help find those pesky keys that seem to be constantly wandering away.

Instead of manually searching and researching the same places, the Hone offers a quicker, more technological solution. With a small Bluetooh device that attaches to the keychain, the Hone app connects the iPhone 4S or iPad 3 with the bluetooth dongle attached to the keys. When you discover your keys are missing again, simply open the app, tap the Find button, and it will trigger an alarm and flashing lights on the keychain. On top of that, it has a built-in proximity sensor so if the keys aren’t visible, walking around and getting closer to them will change the way the Hone alerts you.

This device will run for up to six months on one replaceable battery and has a range of up to 150 feet. It also supports multiple Hones, so the app can be used to find all the objects that get lost quite easily.

For those that are vision-impaired, the proximity sensor on the Hone can be set to audibly respond so that users can hear when they get closer to the missing keys.The makers of Hone will also make it hackable in the future by releasing the device’s UDID and Bluetooth profile, which means the Hone can be hacked and used in a bunch of different scenarios.

Fundraising for the Hone will be running for another 22 days, and interested buyers can adopt this device early with a pledge of $40 via the KickStarter website.

Source: KickStarter via iMore
Image Credit: KickStarter

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