Hive Dock: Your iPhone wants to be a rear-projection TV

If you don’t yet have an iPad, but you’re considering one because you want to watch videos on it, you might want to hold off for a second and think about the Hive Dock. ScreenDoor has put together an interesting concept dock that would let iPhone users place their device into the dock, and then magnify the video being played back, essentially turning your iPhone into a rear projector television. Pretty bizarre, but pretty cool at the same time.

If you’re at CES this year, you can check out ScreenDoor’s booth. Apparently they’re showing this bad boy off. If you give it a look, let us know what you think. I’m curious if this thing works as advertised. The video attached below makes the video playback look a little suspect, but it clearly demonstrates an increases in the audio levels, albeit in a trebly kind of way.

Here’s a video of the dock in action

Thanks to Kenna Chrisley for sending in this tip.

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