High Demand For iPads Could Be Problematic For Mac Sales, Analyst Says

BMO analyst, Keith Bachman, has predicted that Mac sales in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2012 will not reach the expected target because many people are choosing to buy iPads instead.

In a note to investors, Bachman stated that the last two quarters of 2012 would be “challenging” for Apple, especially with such high expectations for the release of the new iPhone. There are lower iPhone 4S sales as many people are waiting for the new model to arrive.

Bachman estimates that in the next six quarters, iPhone sales will rise by 1.5 million units and iPad sales will rise 3.8 million units. Bachman expects Mac sales, though, to decrease.

In his note Bachman wrote: “Net, we are lowering our Mac forecast by 1.6 million units over the next six quarters. We think strong iPad demand is negatively affecting Mac sales, despite the recent MacBook refresh. For the next six quarters, we reduced our Mac sales by 40 per cent of the increase in iPad sales.”

Bachman predicts Mac sales in 2012 at 18.22 million units, and an increase in 2013 at 20.18 million units, which is less than his previous prediction of 21.38 million.

It will be interesting to watch if these predictions come true and to see if iPad sales really are negatively affecting Mac sales.

Source: Barron’s via Macworld
Image Credit: Crestron

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