Here’s How To Report Problems With Apple Maps

Since its release with iOS 6, Apple Maps has become more of a joke than a reliable source of direction. But the only way to make it better is to find all that’s wrong with it, and all iOS users can help improve it by reporting any problems that they come across.

It’s actually pretty easy to report a problem with the Maps app. Just open it up and click on the curled page at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Choose the “Report a Problem” link and then fill in the options on the next page that lets you identify the problem you encountered. You can help fix problems like: Search results are incorrect; Street or other label is incorrect; Location is missing; Problems with directions; and My problem isn’t listed. If your issue falls in the last category, just click on “My problem isn’t listed” and you can describe the problem you had with Apple Maps.

It’s has been rumored that Apple is looking to retail staff at a number of Apple Stores for help with improving Apple Maps, where select retail stores will start spending 40 hours of staff time a week fixing incorrect information with Apple’s Maps manually. It’s like Tim Cook said in his apology letter, the more customers use Maps, the better it will get.

Source: creativebits via TUAW 
Image Credit: TUAW

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