Headquarters for Basecamp updated

37 Signals’ Basecamp product is a great tool for tracking projects with numerous participants. In fact, it is what we use here at Macgasm. Its task management capabilities and clean interface are hard to beat.

However, as with most web services, users prefer to interact with Basecamp from a mobile app — not the browser — on smaller devices. As such, there are several iOS apps on the App Store that serve as front-end interfaces to Basecamp.

There are few — if any — that are as gorgeous and well thought-out as Headquaters, built by Select Start Studios. The big feature that sets this app apart is the Dashboard — a single view that highlights everything that needs attention at that moment. In a system as complex as Basecamp, this is a game-changer.

Version 2.0 rolled out today on the App Store. This version includes countless improvements, including a Lite version for Basecamp users with a single project. For small users, this is a blessing. The multi-project version is now $4.99.

If you use Basecamp, this should be on your iPhone. Hopefully, we see an iPad version in the future (hint, hint!).

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