Harry Potter LEGO coming to iOS

A new Harry Potter film must be somewhere around the next corner, because Warner Bros. is pulling out all of the stops—Harry Potter Lego, one through four, will be coming to iOS. That means pretty soon you’ll be able to play through the first four films on your iPhone and iPad.

Yup, you read that right. If you’re already having difficulty prying your iOS devices out of your kids’ hands, something tells me a Harry Potter game won’t help your cause. Heck, it might even hinder it if they start waving around your phone like a wand.

Daniel at Intomobile seems to think the game will be released sometime this week alongside the film, but Warner Bros. hasn’t announced a release date just yet, and somewhere between now and the Christmas season seems like a decent bet.

Now, if we could only get someone at Warner Bros. to explain exactly what Harry’s holding in his hand in the above image our day would be complete.

Article Via Intomobile

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