GV Mobile submitted to the App Store, again

Google Voice is all the rage amongst geeks, well, except the ones in Canada, and yet Sean Kovacs’ handy GV Mobile app for the iPhone has been absent from Apple’s App Store for over a year now. If you haven’t been paying attention, last year, at the height of the Google vs. Apple tension, Apple removed all iPhone apps in their App Store that had Google Voice functionality. Outside of the standard “duplicating functionality,” Apple ceased communicating with Kovacs entirely. Having been in a stalemate until the updated Developer Agreement last week, most were pretty sure that the application would never make its way back into the App Store, us included.

But, along with the update came a new hope, and Kovacs was encouraged by Apple’s review team to resubmit the application, because this time there was nothing clearly against Apple’s new rules. According to Boy Genius Report, Kovacs has been in frequent communication with Apple, and now “GV Mobile +” might finally find itself back on Apple’s App Store shelves. Apple’s got a chance to make this right, and hopefully they do. We’d love to see Google Voice support on the iPhone.

Article Via Boy Genius Report

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