Guy looking for an iPhone 5 is already in line at Apple Store

We here at Macgasm want the iPhone 5 just as much as the next geek, but apparently we don’t want it as much as Rob Shoesmith. The dude is already hanging out the yet to exist line out in front of the London Covent Garden district Apple Store, despite the iPhone 5 not being announced, and no shipping date in sight yet.

While Shoesmith isn’t exactly camping on the street yet, according to TechCrunch, he sure plans to once the big announcement date gets a little closer. Heck, he may even start once Apple actually announces the thing, whenever that may be.

Alright, so it’s not all about the iPhone 5, apparently. Shoesmith is trying to live on sponsorships and gifts to make it through the upcoming months until the iPhone’s release, a bizarre twist to the traditional iPhone line camping we’ve all read about in the past.

Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Personally I’ll be ordering my iPhone from the luxury of my living room when they become available. Just in case you’re keeping track, some rumors suggest the iPhone 5 won’t ship until at least October in some countries, and possibly September in the US. I hope Mr. Shoesmith has an electric underwear sponsor. It could get might testy out there in the mid-October London night.

Hopefully Jobs & Co. don’t decide on a holiday iPhone 5 release.

Source: TechCrunch

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