One guy makes $1,372.20 from an iAd

So, I know there’s a heat wave going on around a lot of the world, but apparently people have decided to drink up the Kool-Aid™ more than water. We don’t recommend it. We drink our fair share of Kool-Aid™, but man, oh man, some people are drinking it by the gallon the last two or three days. Not sure what I mean?

How about the fine reporting that’s going on with the iAds, and the first reports of the revenue from advertising. I’ve taken my fair share of statistics and economics courses, and even I have a hard time swallowing what’s being poured into my cup with this one.

Sure, this Jzting guy on Hacker News has made a lot of coin from the iAd platform already, and huge props go out to him for getting his application, along with the iAd, up on the store before anyone else. He deserves every single penny he makes on the project.

But the focus seems to be on the fact that the iAds network is going to blow AdMob out of the water already. It’s a little more premature than we’re used to, and we’re used to premature in these parts.

But let’s be real here for a moment; it’s still early and consumers are still intrigued by the novelty of the iAds. Heck, I’d even click to see what they’re all about at this point. But that’s going to wear off, along with the novelty, pretty quickly.

Maybe we should have this conversation again in six months, once the novelty wears off, and you know, people aren’t so intrigued by how the ads interact with apps. I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I’d be willing to bet a farm on the fact that these numbers will cool off substantially—an ad is an ad, no matter how you dress it up.

Will iAds be a success? Certainly. Will it out compete AdMob? Potentially. Will every developer see these kind of returns in the future? Not bloody likely.

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