The new group of iPhone 4 ads tug at the heartstrings

Over the weekend, Apple released four new iPhone 4 advertisements, all of which focus on FaceTime, which isn’t really a huge surprise, considering it’s the only major new feature of iPhone 4. Apple’s really trying to tug on the emotional heartstrings of the world with these ads, and they’re doing a mighty fine job of it.

If there was ever a moment in recent history to feel like we’re finally stepping into the world of the Jetsons, this might just be it. But, keep in mind that you currently both have to have iPhone 4s and a wireless network for FaceTime to work. While Apple intends on opening up the protocol for FaceTime, it’ll be a while before we see the technology creeping into other devices.

But still, they’re pretty damn cool commercials if you ask me! Well, except for the fact that all of these people are holding the phones in their left hand, despite Steve Jobs telling people that they’re holding it wrong when they do that!

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