Grooveshark yanked from the App Store

A lot of people reply on media streaming these days. Since Apple’s bought up Lala and subsequently killed it, a lot of people are turning to Grooveshark to get their music. Heck, they should — it’s a great service. It came as a bit of a shock this morning once we got word that Apple’s pulled Grooveshark from their App Store. Of course, the first thing through our head was that a streaming iTunes was on the brink of being released, but that’s turned out not to be true.  It seems like we come up with the wildest speculation before 10AM.  Someone should really take away our computers until noon.

Grooveshark employees have been notified that Apple received a complaint from Universal Music Group, and Apple decieded to pull the plug on the application.

It’s a little surprising that the complaint went directly to Apple and not to the service who provides the streaming music. If Universal has a problem with copyright infringement of any kind, wouldn’t it make sense to contact Grooveshark and have them pull the music?

This is clearly yet another sign that music executives are out of the loop. It’s not like the iPhone application contains every song known to man. Getting Apple to remove the player just means that iPhone users won’t hear the music in question, but everyone else using the web app still will. You stop the water problem at the source, you don’t take a hammer to the water tap, toilet, or tub.

Article Via Grooveshark

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