Grand Prix Story coming to iPhone

Game Dev Story was a surprise hit. Unbelievably meta, it allowed iOS gamers to take control of a video games studio. You started as a fledgling indie developer, slowly expanding as you became the next Microsoft. The minds behind it, Kariosoft, have announced that they’re translating the concept to the world of Motor Racing.

Grand Prix Story will follow the same concept – mini-management in the palm of your hand. Forget the actual racing of cars; you’re more interested in the cold hard cash that drives the sport. This means the deals that support the development of technology, the championships that make heroes, and the drivers who define your brand.

It’s previously been released on Android, but it’s being ported over to the iPhone in the near future. Great news for those who like a bit of depth to their games and think the iPhone lacks simulation / strategy titles. There’s no news on an actual release date, but we’ll be sure to let you know when the chequered flag is waved.

Via: Pocket Gamer
Image Credit: Kairosoft

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