Google Finally Updates YouTube App With iPad, iPhone 5 Support

Google has just updated its YouTube app to support the iPhone 5 as well as the iPad. This update also brings improved VoiceOver support, AirPlay support and in-depth playlist management. This update brings the application to version We’ve embedded the full change-log after the break.

  • Optimized for iPad and iPhone 5
  • Stream videos with AirPlay
  • Tap logo to open your Guide of channels
  • Add and remove videos from your playlists
  • Clickable links in video descriptions
  • Improved accessibility with VoiceOver

I’m still wondering what the heck took Google so long to update its iOS app to be iPhone 5 compatible. The app was released in September, just days before the iPhone 5 went up for sale and Apple dropped the original YouTube application. This almost three-month delay is really unacceptable for such a large company, considering smaller developers like Tapbots updated its apps to be iPhone 5 compatible just days after the device went on sale. To be fair, Starbucks is also guilty of taking its sweet time when bringing iPhone 5 compatibility to its app as the application was just updated yesterday.

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