Google Could Be Gearing Up To Release A Chrome Browser For iOS

It looks like Google is working on a Chrome iOS browser for Apple’s iPhone and possibly even iPad, according to a recent Macquarie Equities Research Note:

The Bottom Line – If, as we assume, GOOG successfully introduces its Chrome browser for iOS devices, it could significantly benefit Google’s strategic and operational mobile positioning.

While the key points from Macquarie Equities Research are quite vague on the whole, we can take away that the company believes Google could introduce the browser as soon as Q2 2012. If history is any indicator, getting the browser into Apple’s App Store could take a while. Google Voice took a pretty long time to get approved on the App Store. We should also keep in mind that Apple may be looking to update Safari as well with iOS likely getting an upgrade and announcement at this year’s WWDC conference in June.

I’m not one of those people who claim competition for everything is a great idea, but this time, I have to say, I’m looking forward to whatever Google releases so long as it makes it to the App Store. Safari’s minimalistic approach in iOS, and more specifically on the iPhone, is great, but it’s certainly starting to feel a little bit dated. It’s time the mobile web browser gets some revolutionary attention in the mobile space. I’d love to see what a new approach could bring to the table. I’m not sold that Google will be the one to innovate or even bring the browser to iOS, but I’ll be interested to hear how this plays out nonetheless. The mobile browser needs a new direction, and hopefully someone smarter than I figures that one out, and soon.

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