Google Chrome Updated For The iPhone 5 And iOS 6

If you’re an avid Google Chrome for iOS user, you’re going to love this news. Today Google has pushed an update for the iOS version of Chrome that brings support for the iPhone 5. The update allows Chrome to take advantage of the 4.0″ screen which is found in the iPhone 5 as well as the fifth generation iPod Touch. Google also claims that the app adds extra security patches as well as stability improvements, so you should definitely upgrade regardless of your device.

If you’re unaware, Chrome for iOS was announced at this year’s Google I/O event in June of 2012. While the app provides little advantage over Mobile Safari for most users, people who use Chrome on their Mac and/or PC benefit from Chrome as they can access their tabs and bookmarks from their other devices via the cloud. Google also claims to offer a faster and more fluid experience over Mobile Safari, however, I remain doubtful as Chrome for iOS is still based on the same WebKit engine as Mobile Safari due to App Store restrictions.

If you’d like to check out Chrome for iOS for yourself, click the link below this post.

Source: Razorianfly

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