Google Chrome And Drive Apps Announced For iOS

As most of you already know, Google Chrome was recently released for Android and exited beta yesterday. Chrome for Android brought many cool and exciting features such as tab syncing and tab management. Unfortunately for us iOS users, Google left us out in the cold in terms of Chrome support. However, this all changes today as Google announced Chrome for iOS at Google  I/O. Chrome for iOS brings a bunch of features such as Google Chrome tab sync, which allow Chrome users to have a seamless experience across all of their Macs, PCs and mobile devices. Chrome for iOS also brings over the sleek look of Google Chrome that many of us have come to love.

Google Drive was also released for iOS. This app lets Google Drive users view their Google Drive files from their iOS device. The Drive app also allows iOS users to upload photos to their Drive without leaving the app. If you’re unaware, Google Drive is a cloud based storage service offered by Google. Free users have access to 5GB of storage while premium users can upgrade their storage for a small fee.

Both of these apps are available now in the iTunes App Store, so make sure to check them out! (links below).

Source: Google Chrome 

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