Google And Flipboard Partner Up Adding Google+ To The App

Google’s Vice President, Bradley Horowitz, announced at Le Web ’12 in London that Google has entered into a partnership with Flipboard, and that the popular news reading app will be adding Google+ streams to the app, which will be launching sometime in the near future.

The addition of Google+ is a result of Google’s new Google+ APIs, which have been extended in order to provide content from Google’s social network directly into Flipboard users’ stream. This will allow user to access posts, photos, video, and other data without visiting the social network directly.

When asked about the success of Google+, Horowitz remained vague, but mentioned that the updated version of its iOS app and Android applications have increased interaction and was well received by users.

The API will soon enable Flipboard users to see Google+ comments on stories and +1 Flipboard items, as well as give readers the ability to send individualized pieces of content to Google+ Circles.

Google+ is now joining other social services like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram on Flipboard.

Google does have its own social news/magazine reader, Currents, but it hasn’t garnered very much success. The fact that Google is now partnering with a rival suggests that it’s doing everything possible to expand the reach of Google+ content by partnering with one of the most popular reader apps available.

Source: TheNextWeb and TechCrunch
Image Credit: WeHeart

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