Glider Classic coming to iOS

If this picture looks familiar to you, you’re going to get a kick out of hearing that Glider, the red hot Mac game from before Michael Keaton put on a Batman costume, will be coming to iOS. In it, you are a little paper airplane with the simple mandate to stay afloat. Using air currents and gravity, you navigate your way through a house while avoiding obstacles and, of course, the floor. It was  a quirky but innovative little game that became a staple in the good old days, and now is finding new life on your iOS device.

TouchArcade has a neat little interview with John Calhoun, the man behind Glider Classic for iOS (and the original Glider at that), and learned a fair bit about where he’s been, what he’s been doing and why Glider makes sense for your iPhone and iPad.

Glider Classic features tap-based controls and is a universal application that runs natively on both the iPhone and the iPad. In the first release, iPhone 3GS and 3G iPod touch devices will be the minimal supported platforms, though earlier devices will gain support in an update soon to follow. Calhoun indicates that a Mac App Store release of Glider Classic is also likely at some point, given that Glider Pro for the Mac is PowerPC-only and will not run under OS X Lion. In fact, we might one day see a desktop “house editor” emerge, allowing players to create their own houses for both the iOS and the likely Mac OS X versions of the game.

Glider isn’t the first old-timey Mac game to find its way to the App Store. Marathon is one example that jumps to mind, though I believe Freeverse has even released Sim Stapler. When the Talking Moose shows up, we’ll know the circle is complete.

You should see Glider Classic on the App Store this week for $0.99.

Source: TouchArcade 
Via: DaringFireball

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