Here comes Glassgate: our first and last post

Just when I thought we had left Antennagate directly behind us, Gizmodo’s got hot pants over Glassgate. We’re bracing for three posts a day on the topic, as well as countless tweets and emails.

To be fair, the Gizmodo report is based on a comment or post – we can never tell which is which on GDGT – from Ryan Block, the former Editor-In-Chief of Engadget. What’s the news? Apparently, the integrity of the glass on the iPhone 4 can change once scratched with dirt, sand, rocks, or grime. Go figure.

There is an apparent “design defect” in the glass of the iPhone 4. Apple engineers know about it, and it’s the primary reason that cases are sparse at the Apple Store. When dirt and grime get in between the case and the phone, the glass backing can get scratched, eventually causing it to crack.

We’re not surprised in the least. I’ve known about scoring glass since I was at least five. A scratch makes it a lot easier to break the glass. I don’t know about you, but any case I’ve ever used on my iPhone has left its mark on the device. Yes, even my 3G phone. It’s called wear and tear, and it’s a real thing.

In other news, this is the last post on the topic, unless Apple issues some kind of press release or arranges for another emergency media event.  If I had to hazard a guess, Apple’s going to leave behind this new iPhone design so quickly, it’s not even funny.

Article begrudgingly Via GDGT

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