Give $478 And Get This Vintage iPhone Accessory

We told you last week that wanted to make a product to improve your iPhone’s camera. Now we know what these products will look like and how many hundreds of dollars the Black Eyed Peas member wants to get out of you for them.

One of the accessories available in the line is called the V.4. The V.4 is a cover for your iPhone 4 or 4s that gives it a stylish vintage look and that gives your camera interchangeable lenses as well as a pop-out keyboard. The accessory also comes with built-in flash, photo editing and filters and allows you to upload your photos to’s new photo network named The accessory will be sold for $478 (£299), while a modern less-awesome looking version called the C.4 will go on sale for $315 (£199). Both products will be initially sold exclusively at Selfridges in London beginning December 6th.

While these current accessories are only available for the iPhone 4/4s,’s big accessory is still upcoming for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 accessory will feature its own improved sensor and will give the phone a 14MP camera.

If dropping roughly $500 on not much more than a fancy phone case with a few different lenses excites you, the V.4 should be a good fit for you. For iPhone 5 owners, the upcoming accessory is supposed to turn your phone into a “genius” phone, which actually sounds pretty interesting. Just be sure to start saving up now as it will likely take all of your money and then some.

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