Give your iPhone some kitsch with “Your Magnet”


Are you tired of iPhone accessories that are practical and attractive? Of course you are! Surely, you want something strange and slightly tacky attached to the back of your favorite iDevice. Well, you’re in luck, friend. “Your Magnet,” as made by Korean product designer Tsunho Wang, is available for your enjoyment.

Described, worryingly, as a “Clamp,” this thing gives you a U-shaped magnet that latches on to your device thanks to suction plates with attached magnets. But why? Well, we’re given many use-cases for the accessory right on the designer’s site. For example, you could use it as a finger prison or the foundation for a satanic ritual. Or something. I can’t really tell.

So, you want to pick up your very own “Your Magnet,” eh? Well, you can purchase it here for $7.00 USD. Standard shipping (5-30 business days) is $4.00 USD, but express shipping is available for $20.50 USD. So, that’s some good news.

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