Gents, Put Away That Murse, You Need To Replace It With A Phorce

Looking for a new backpack, man purse, or briefcase that can charge your electronics while you’re out on the town? A new Kickstarter project has popped up online for a product called Phorce. It can convert into all three styles, and it’s smarter than most of the bags you already own.

The Phorce can charge up to three devices simultaneously, including your MacBook, all from a built-in battery pack.

Oh, you thought the perks ended there? The Phorce also has an iOS and Android application that can tell you just how much juice is left in your battery pack.

The company is looking to raise $150,000 to make the bag a reality, and there are a bunch of different perks for donating different amounts of money to the project.

It’s certainly worth checking out.

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