The future of Siri is already on display with this thermostat hack

Pretty soon Siri will be taking live requests to spice up your life. Developers have already put together a hack that lets them control a Wi-Fi thermostat from the luxury of their couch using some Siri magic. Talking to your thermostat may have seemed far-fetched months ago, but with the release of Siri it’s beginning to look a lot like it’s more of a distinct possibility than science fiction.

Case in point, a developer, only known as @plamoni on Twitter, has put together a nifty video that shows Siri getting information directly from the thermostat by using a proxy server. “Siri, why am I so bloody hot?”

Fine, Siri doesn’t understand sarcasm very well, but in the video @plamoni can clearly get the current temperature and thermostat status from his iPhone. It’s only a matter of time until we can start using Siri as a maid instead of a personal assistant. Siri may never be able to cook you a five-star meal, but it could, eventually, tell you how much longer it will take until your Chicken Cordon Blue is done cooking.

Could you imagine how huge this type of Siri integration could be if Apple were to give developers a way to integrate with third-party platforms, kinda like AirPlay? Imagine a world where your oven, microwave, coffee machine, hot tub, and other home electronic devices are all accessible via Siri. Apple can redefine our lives without having to actually make these products by just releasing Siri libraries to developers.

There’s clearly potential here. I’m already close to going all in with with a Nest thermostat. If the Nest thermostat had Siri support, I would already have one on my wall.

Via: Engadget

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