The future of iBooks may rest with ePUB3

We’ve long stated around here that if iBooks is going to be even remotely successful Apple needs to get all of the book apps out of the App Store and into the iBookstore. The lines between app and book are so blurred now that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see the difference between an app and an iBook, and more importantly, where we should go to find the content to begin with.

With ePUB3 on the horizon, things are only about to get a little more confusing. According to the attached video, ePUB3 will bring with it embeddable fonts, CSS support, as well as Javascript-ability. Most iBooks in the ePUB format are unsightly, but with ePUB3 on the horizon, that could all change. Digital books could very well be here to stay, especially in the education sector, if publishers adopt the technology and put out elegant digital editions.

The video clearly demonstrates that ePUB3 is already supported in iBooks to some degree, so hopefully once iOS 5 ships, we’ll start to see ePUB3 formatted books available for download.

Check it out in action

Article Via Cult of Mac

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