Full court press from Droid might mean a cheaper iPhone 3GS

We were all hoping that once more carriers got iPhone deals from Apple we’d see some downward push in pricing structures because of the newly formed competition in the industry.  We all knew it was highly unlikely, but still, we all hoped that it would happen.  Reports have rolled in that nothings has changed in the UK, and Canadian prices are pretty much staying the same.

When there’s competition there are price drops, it’s a basic economic principle–all things being equal.  We might be seeing a price drop, but not from telecommunications companies.  With the recent push from those fine Droid folks, we’re starting to hear rumblings that the iPhone might be getting discounted pricing structures.  Word on the street is that the 3GS model might eventually cost 99.00 instead of the prices that are currently being issued at AT&T.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but the price changes of the actual iPhone isn’t really what we were hoping for when we all waxed philosophical about price drops.  Sure, no one’s complaining about the 3GS possibly being cheaper, but, I think we were all hoping to see the cost of use dropping.  I mean, paying just over a hundred dollars a month for a phone is ridiculous.  When smart phones were considered business lines, it made a little sense that the price differences were present, but now that consumers are using the device, and now that the AT&Ts of the world just bumped consumers to business level accounts, it’s more than a little sickening. Where there’s competition, there’s prices drop, where there’s collusion… they remain the same.

I’ve said it once before, and I’ll say it again.  Telcos are the new gas companies.

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