Fourquare Has A New Paint Job, Looking To Be Addressbooksquare

Foursquare has finally rolled out an update to their once popular location-based check-in application, including a fancy new paint job. The goal, obviously, is to encourage people to check-in, and share more Foursquare goodness with their friends.

The app now includes a profile section that comes complete with a short bio, social media links, and contact information. Sticky is clearly on Foursquare’s mind as it’s quite obvious they’re trying to encourage users to stick around and click through the application on a more regular basis.

Hell, it could even be a pivot. Do people still pivot in the startup world, or is that buzz word passé? Am I showing my age by using it? If it is a pivot, it looks like it’s a move towards a more integrated address book that lets you not only find your friends and family’s contact details, but also stalk them around the city.

Does Foursquare want to be known as Addressbooksquare?

Now back to reality. Who the hell still uses Foursquare? Do you? When was the last time you checked in? For me, it was about a month after its original release. I never understood the checking in and being mayor of a business. It was and remains way too kitschy.

Via: TechCrunch

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