Former Apple employee flawlessly streams Flash to iPad

Everyone knows that Apple and Flash don’t go together like peanut butter and jelly. After all, the once dominant software bundle from Adobe is gradually being put out of its misery by CSS3 and other standardized web languages. Not to mention, the buggy software just doesn’t go well with mobile devices. Heck, even Google is putting support for the plugin behind it. However, once in a while, Flash is still needed (hello video streaming websites!). Now there are already iPad apps like LogMeIn that allow users to “access” flash-equipped browsers running on their own desktops, but OnLive by Steve Perlman, the famous entrepreneur most behind Apple’s Quicktime, lets users access Flash without having to rely on the desktop as a middle man.

Earlier today, the team revealed their newest version of OnLive Desktop. The iPad browser app, now equipped with Adobe Flash, lets users access virtual Windows desktops and apps “housed on servers in the proverbial cloud.” Initially free, the new Flash-equipped browser version is priced at $4.99/month. You might find that to be a bit pricey for Flash, but Perlman says the app is really a tool for businesses – companies that require running Windows and its apps without having to install Microsoft software on machines. With that said, Perlman also notes that OnLive will soon introduce an “enterprise version” of its app, which will offer tools for IT professionals to control how company employees use the service. OnLive has also announced plans for Android, PC, Mac and TV compatibility in the near future.

Via: Wired

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