Follow up: Apple DID NOT buy Wi-Gear


Yesterday, 9 to 5 Mac had a scoop that Apple had bought up Wi-Gear, and moved at least one of the co-founders to a project within Apple. Michael Kim went from co-founder at Wi-Gear to iOS Bluetooth Engineer at Apple.

That’s how the story broke, and that’s how we ran with it. Lesson learned. A big thanks goes out to  the fine folks over at Macworld for actually doing a little digging. Wi-Gear was not purchased by Apple, nor was it purchased at all. It was closed down because they ran out of funding.

So, Wi-Gear technology may be making its way into Apple products, but it’s not due to the purchasing of Wi-Gear. Instead it’ll be through the hard work of Kim.

Mark Pundsack responded to an email from Macworld, and apparently “Wi-Gear and its IP are still available for sale.”

So there you have it, another rumour debunked by the fine folks at Macworld.

Article Via Macworld