Flying Just Got A Little More Beautiful With The Flight Card App

It’s something I’ll never forget, running across the Frankfurt airport, trying to make it through customs, and then all the way back across the airport to catch my flight to Prague. In that mad dash I was scrounging through my pockets trying to find my flight information. Funny thing though, I could find my iPhone just fine. I made the terminal with little time to spare, but given that it was five in the morning back home, and I just had a seven hour trip. It was a small miracle that I even made my flight at all.

Flight Card from Sylion Development aims to put all of your flight information right on your phone so you don’t have to go looking through your bags for your ticket until you actually get to the gate. The $4.99 application is beautiful and functional, making it the ideal app for people who spend a lot of time flying the skys.

We can’t help but wish that Flight Card was actually tied into the airline system and used as a digital ticket for flights. Imagine being able to check in to your flight, and then use Flight Card as a boarding pass? It would be pretty badass, and it would save travelers a lot of headaches.

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