Flickr iPhone app gets updated, still no community support

Weezer at Bluesfest
PhotoCredit: Brennan Schnell

Yesterday, while waiting for Weezer to come on stage, my brother and I were railing on the Flickr App for iPhone pretty hard. It’s kind of humorous to see that the application got an update between then and now, but I’m sad to report that the app is just as mediocre as it was before the update. In version 1.2 of the Flickr application, they’ve added support for HD video uploads, posting photos to Twitter, and uploading photos in the background. Don’t get me wrong. These are great things to add to their application, but why in the world have they decided to forgo any community features in their app?

There’s still no way to access and converse in groups. This is a pretty big feature to leave out of your application, considering the humongous community Flickr has already. For us, Flickr is part community and part photo, and by removing either of these things from an application, Yahoo Inc. is seriously missing a giant opportunity. The community is why Flickr is so successful, and not giving people access to that on their mobile devices is a huge oversight.

Hopefully they’ll get this worked out in an upcoming version.

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