Final Fantasy III now available on the iPad

A lot of people were waiting on buying Final Fantasy III when it was released for the iPhone. Most of those waiting thought it would be a better experience on the iPad. I was personally one of those people, and as of today, we can now download FFIII for the iPad. Square Enix has released the game to the masses, but the price might take you by surprise a little bit. The iPad edition of Final Fantasy III is available for $16.99 on the App Store.

The game is a port for the iPad, and it’s not a universal application. So, if you’re looking to play this game on the iPhone and the iPad you’ll have to buy both editions. When all is said and done, that’s $16.99 for the iPad app and another $15.99 for the iPhone edition.

We’d recommend buying one or the other — there’s no benefit to owning both.

Speaking of lack of benefits, when will we see game save syncing between the iPhone and the iPad? It sure would be nice to be able to start a game on the iPad, continue it during my lunch break on the iPhone, and then return home again to finish up on my iPad. As it stands, it’s not possible, but we sure wouldn’t mind seeing it being addressed in iOS 5.

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