FileMaker Go 1.1 update

If you use FileMaker on your Mac or PC, you’ll definitely want to check out FileMaker Go 1.1 for the iPhone and the iPad. It allows you to read and modify the most complex and unique databases while away from your desk, and this latest release makes it even better.

The biggest feature of 1.1 from my point of view is the ability to import data from other applications. When I spoke to the FileMaker staff earlier in the week, they used barcode reading as an example. FileMaker Go doesn’t have a barcode reader built into the application, but the update allows other iOS applications to pass data along. Now pretty much any data you want can be represented in FileMaker Go. Pretty sweet, huh?

The iPhone and iPod Touch version of the app is only $19.99 USD. At the same time, the iPad-specific version will run you $39.99 USD. That said, Bento iPhone and iPad apps are only $4.99 USD each. If you don’t need any crazy advanced features, I’d recommend using Bento instead. It’s simpler and cheaper.

If you want all of the gory detail, you can download the press release [PDF]

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