FileMaker Go coming today

If you spend any time in Filemaker at all, you’ll probably be relieved to know that Apple’s subsidiary is bringing some functionality to the iPhone and iPad, in much the same way that they have with their Bento lineup.

You’ll be able to connect directly to FileMaker Server over WiFi or 3G, edit, search, and view your records within a database. The server will be updated on the fly while you’re on the “Go.”

The application is expected to come in at $25 for the iPhone and $50 for the iPad. Also, you’ll have to be running iOS4 on your iPhone if you’re planning on running the application on your device. It seems to be the first major application that will require iOS4 to run, which is a little bit disconcerting, considering the current instability of running iOS4 on the iPod Touch and iPhone 3G. While I get that it’s the cost of innovation, it certainly sucks for those of us still stuck in a contract with 3G phones.

Article Via AppleInsider

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